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144hz Monitors

Your computer might be the most powerful machine in your home, but it is only as good as the display you use to interface with it. If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your PC then check out our selection of monitors that will help power up your computing experience!

If you want great images, buy a 144Hz monitor

PC monitors help you to see images on the screen. This is called the resolution refresh rate.  The best monitors are good for seeing clear pictures. They should be nice and clear, so you can see them well. 144Hz is the way to go because they work really well and help you to see pictures better than lower resolution monitors. Ultitech does have stock with refresh rates ranging from 75hz to 240Hz and can deliver to South Africa. All prices include vat. Ultitech is a preferred supplier of the stock on our website.

You can never go wrong with a 144Hz screen

There’s no number one 144hz monitor available on the market, but you can find some of our favourites here! 144hz products are known for their impressive screen refresh rates that will give you the edge. Check out these great models to get started with 144Hz PC screens today.

The display can provide you the winning edge when playing games.

144Hz Monitors

Low response time will make your gaming experience a lot better

144hz monitors have a response time of only one millisecond, which is great for gaming. If you are looking to buy a 144hz monitor, make sure that the model you choose has a low response time. This will ensure that you get the smoothest possible gaming experience. Our pride has been the 144Hz on our desk.

If you have poor vision and find it difficult to focus on screens with lower refresh rates, then these monitors will make your life more enjoyable

144hz product refresh rate, which will improve the clarity and speed on the screen

The 144hz products have a multitude of features to give you the best possible visual experience. The models are available in different sizes, featuring a 144hz refresh rate. By buying one of our supplier 144hz screens, you can use it for any purpose – gaming or work-related. Orders can be placed online and shipped anywhere in South Africa. Contact us if you need help!

AOC U28G2X 28″ UHD (3840×2160) 144Hz IPS Gaming Monitor

Perfect for gamers because of the smooth response time

144hz products are perfect for gaming, as they advance a smooth and responsive experience. If you are looking to buy a monitor that will give you the best gaming experience possible, then a 144hz model is the way to go.

144hz models are scientifically shown to be better than 60hz models, so if you’re serious about gaming, get one!

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We help our customers with their specific needs to find the right model

If you want to purchase a new screen check our online shop stock. Our team at Ultitech is here to help. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect 144hz monitor for your needs. We offer a wide selection of models, each with its own set of features and benefits. Contact us today to learn more about our 144hz products!

Our team is experienced in providing guidance on what to look for in a monitor (and when not to settle)

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