1TB SSDs fluctuate a lot from month to month

When buying an SSD, you want to make sure it’s the right size for your needs. For example, if you’re upgrading from a traditional hard drive with 500GB of storage space, then you’ll need at least 1TB of free space on the new SSD. This is because Windows 10 takes up about 16 GB or more of that space when installed fresh.

While there are plenty of drives out there in sizes ranging from 120GB all the way up to 2TB or 4TB, they don’t come cheap! Besides, not every computer can take advantage of them anyway. That’s why we’ve compiled this list based on the price,  speed, function and age of your PC or laptop.

1TB SSD Crucial BX500

Laptops and desktops are getting slower. You can’t afford to wait for your computer to boot up, send an email or load a file any longer. The answer is flash memory in the form of a brand new Crucial BX500 1TB 2.5 SSD, which offers sequential read speeds of up to 540MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 500MB/s, about 300% faster than a typical HDD.  This means you get the speed of a new computer without the price tag. Improve performance on your existing machine today!

1TB SSD Transcend SSD

The new Transcend SSD230 has been engineered with a RAID engine and LDPC (Low-Density Parity Check) technology that provides an incredible 4K random read and writes performance of up to 340MB/s. It’s the perfect choice as a boot disk for everyday computing tasks and programs, taking full advantage of the SATA III 6Gb/s interface. This endurance drive has been created for reliability and speed so you can get back to what matters most – your work.

Transcend’s SSD220Q is the perfect storage solution for your productivity

Upgrading to a 1TB SSD has never been easier. The latest QLC NAND technology in Transcend’s SATA III 6 Gb/s SSD220Q uses high-quality flash memory and enhanced firmware algorithms to provide you with higher performance, reliability and stability.  With a 33% increase in storage density per cell, the 1TB capacity of Transcend’s SSD220Q offers more space than ever before. Unlock your potential today by upgrading to an incredible 1TB Storage Capacity!

1TB SSD Samsung 970 evo plus NVMe SSD

1TB SSD Samsung 970 evo plus NVMe SSD L

The new 1TB SSD from Always Evolving features an upgraded design, making it the perfect storage solution for gamers and enthusiasts. With a speed of 3500/3300 MB/s read/write speeds and up to 600 TBW, this is the next generation in performance.  As well as being powerful enough to handle any task you throw at it, the 970 EVO Plus has been designed with reliability in mind – featuring MLC V-NAND and Dynamic Thermal Throttling Protection (DTP).

Crucial MX500 SATA SSD Overview

The Crucial MX500 is a top-performing SATA internal SSD with aggressive pricing. It will load files quickly and handle most demanding applications. It’s a great upgrade for most people, but it may be better suited to users who don’t need the higher endurance ratings of other drives like the Samsung SSD 870 Evo (see below). Unless you will subject your drive to significant read and write operations that are outside the scope of ordinary PC activities, the MX500 should stay relevant for as long as or longer than your PC’s other components.


Samsung 870 EVO 2TB Solid State Drive

Samsung has released its new 870 EVO 2TB SATA SSD. This drive follows in the footsteps of the 860 EVO before it and attains higher marks with responsive and consistent performance throughout. The drive has speed but, it is also very efficient, scoring top marks compared to other SATA 2TB SSD’s. While SATA is dated, it is still very much needed for compatibility with millions of systems, not to mention the size of games continue to grow every year. SATA provides simple and easy storage expansion for the many gamers who don’t have more M.2 slots available. Samsung’s 870 EVO 2TB SSD is a great choice for gamers looking for PC components with extra storage in South Africa.

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Seagate unveils IronWolf SSDs for NAS-optimized performance

Seagate has announced the launch of its new IronWolf SSD line, which is specifically designed for use in network-attached storage (NAS) systems. The drives are available in capacities of up to 2TB and offer “powerhouse performance” with 24/7 always-on capability. They also lead the pack in scalability, meeting the needs and budget of businesses of all sizes. With data rates up to 560 MB/s, the IronWolf SSDs can amplify the impact of your business’s data. So if you’re looking to equip your NAS system with some powerful new drives, look no further than Seagate’s IronWolf SSD.

The Samsung 860 PRO 2TB SSD is now available for purchase

2TB SSD Samsung 860 PRO L

With the new and improved Samsung 860 PRO 2TB SSD, you can expect enhanced performance. The product includes sequential write speeds up to 530 MB/s with the best combination of latest V-NAND and refined controller. You can also expect sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s.  This new SSD has an endurance level that’s 3x higher than previous models so your data will be safe for years on end!  If you’re in need of a reliable and fast drive, then it may be worth checking out this one!

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