UPS Power supply with many UPS tions for sale online

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UPS power supply for sale

What is a UPS? It is an uninterruptible power supply (also referred to as an uninterruptible power source). Or, a battery/flywheel backup, which is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source – typically mains power – fails. A range of UPS’s are for sale from Ultitech, be sure to check our stock levels!

UPS Power Supply Eaton 5E 850i USB 850VA AVR 230V Tower

The UPS power supply is a backup to your home

UPS (or, uninterruptible power supply/uninterruptible power source) serves as a backup to your main/household electricity. In some cases, an inverter is used to derive AC from stored DC current when there is no grid.

UPS for clean power all night

Stay current with the latest UPS technology

A UPS will often have the ability to sense voltage and frequency as well as whether “clean” or “dirty” power is entering your system. The difference between dirty and clean power being whether or not the electric field was recently disturbed. Clean power is preferred. A great UPS that protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances is the Liebert GXT4

UPS power protection solutions for an affordable price

UPS typically have two levels of standby battery as well as surge protection and line conditioning. Line conditioning is all about smoothing out rough edges on the electricity to keep it from damaging your computer.

RCT UPS Clean Power for wifi routers

Offline UPS

Offline UPS connects the computer to electricity and keeps it running until the voltage falls below a certain level. When the voltage drops below that level, the UPS switches over to battery backup. The switch-over time can be as long as 25 milliseconds depending on the amount of time it takes a standby UPS to detect lost utility voltage. A UPS is designed to power certain equipment, such as a personal computer, without any objectionable dip or brownout.

Online UPS

The online UPS is usually more expensive than offline UPS and it continuously delivers AC power from the main source even when AC power fails. The UPS automatically senses outages in the electrical supply and switches to standby batteries

UPS Power Supply Green Demand Future

Double conversion UPS power supply for sale

The primary power path is the inverter / battery and not the AC mains. This means that the output power is supplied by the battery all the time and no switch-over happens if power fails.

If the battery / inverter fails, the AC is used as the backup power.

The advantage is that there is no switch over if AC fails, but the disadvantages are additional heat, lower efficiency and reduced life-span of the components in the UPS.

A UPS is the best way to extend battery life on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone

A UPS is a device that will supply power to your system in the event of a power outage. A UPS, works by powering your PC or laptop from its battery backup when the main source of electricity fails. The fact is that PC data is stored in electronic drives and they can be powered by a power supply. UPS (uninterrupted power supply) powers these drives to ensure that files are not lost during a blackout or times of high energy consumption and voltage fluctuations.

Generator use with UPS

Many people are unaware of the best way to use a generator is when they also have a UPS. Ultitech would like to provide some information on the matter …

UPS are sensitive to the voltage and frequency on its input – this is the way it detects whether it should switch to battery backup mode or not. This is normal operation for a UPS.

Some generators, especially the cheaper “home-use price” generators, are not always calibrated accurately when it comes to frequency (50Hz in South Africa), even though the voltage seems to be in range. If the frequency is border-line, the UPS tends to switch over to battery mode whenever it falls out of range, and then switches off. To rectify this, point the generator throttle to where the UPS is stable. Note that a voltage regulator or AVR will not correct the frequency.

Powerful and Economical Line Interactive UPS

The market for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) has never been more competitive. With the introduction of line interactive UPS, manufacturers now offer a high-efficiency, small-size solution at an economic price point. Line interactive UPS can also correct low or high line voltage conditions to provide uninterrupted service. It is important to note that these types of UPS use less energy than their counterparts and are typically found in sizes ranging from 0.5kVA up to 5kVA.  Ask Ultitech about B2B services.

UPS power protection solutions for an affordable price

An UPS provides protection against short blackouts (load shedding), over-voltage transients, brownouts and other problems caused by an unstable power supply. This makes them perfect for running computers during load shedding. Keep in mind that UPS are not meant to provide protection against extended power outages, major brownouts or blackouts.

Common UPS Power supply products bought through Ultitech

RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS

Liebert GXT4

VERTIV Liebert GXT5 UPS; 16kVA

Eaton 5e essential ups 1100va

Vertiv Liebert 20kva UPS

RCT 850VA Line Interactive UPS

Eaton 5e 1500va usb

Mecer 2000va line interactive ups